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Benefits of a 1300 Number

If your 2014 business goals include sales growth, increased control over business costs or improving customer service, it’s hard to look past the advantages of a 1300 number in your marketing toolkit.

From ease of customer recall through to highly flexible call answering and advertising options, it’s easy to see why 1300 numbers have grown in popularity in both local and international markets.

  1. 1300 numbers can enhance the image of your business. While large businesses have the ability to invest in advertising campaigns that build authority and trust, small-to-mid size companies must find cost-effective ways to enhance their brand image and deliver great customer service.

    A 1300 number is an effective way to do this because they’re so commonly used by large local and international businesses.

  2. 1300 numbers are independent of your physical location and you can answer calls on any landline or mobile phone in Australia. International answer points are also available.

  3. Your 1300 number connects to existing phone lines, so there’s no added cost of doing business.

  4. If your 1300 number is not a leased number, it is transportable and you can use it in any state or location in which you do business.

  5. Increase the geographical reach of your businesses at minimal cost by advertising a single number in all areas that you service.

  6. As long as you keep your number connected, you can keep the same phone number for the life of your business.

  7. Manage your account online in the MyAlltel Account Service. Access call records, statement and transaction histories and more.

  8. Increase marketing response rates: If you advertise in a range of different media (for example, online, in print and on radio) you can feature different 1300 numbers to measure the effectiveness of each individual advertisement.

For advice on how a 1300 number can help build your business, contact our Business Consultants or call 1300 855 235 today.

Find out more about Alltel Australia and ten reasons why you should choose us as your 1300 number supplier.


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