Alltel is a specialist carrier of Australian 1300 Numbers

Your 1300 Number Can be Set Up in a Number of Ways

13 numbers and 1300 numbers are simply computerised redirection numbers.

They are highly configurable, and can be set up to route (or redirect) to different destination numbers under different conditions such as

  • at different times of the day or week
  • in different geographical locations
  • according to the caller's location

Because these numbers do not require a physical phone line, you can configure them to be answered in any of the following ways:

  • The most common configuration is to start by ringing your nominated business number, mobile phone, home-office phone or VoIP phone number. If that number is busy or you don't answer within a specified time (say 10 seconds), the number can be configured to automatically redirect to a second number (for example, to an Alltel live answering operator or Voice2Email service).
  • Calls can be answered at one of Alltel's Virtual Offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth. Our live answering receptionists greet callers using your business name, and then take a message (which they forward to you via SMS, email, and customer portal).
  • Another popular option is to forward calls to our automated touchtone Call Forwarding IVR Menu, which allows callers to quickly select the person or department they want to talk to.
  • You can also route calls to Alltel's Voice2Email service, where the caller leaves a message, which is then converted to a .WAV file and sent to you as an email attachment.
  • Calls can also be routed to physical fax machines or to Alltel's Fax2Email service, which converts faxes to a .PDF file and then sends the PDF file to you as an email attachment.

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11 Reasons to Get a 1300 Number Now

  1. Keep the same business phone number for the life of your business.
  2. Increase the geographical reach of your businesses at minimal cost.
  3. Add a vital marketing tool to your business.
  4. Show potential customers that you're not just a local business.
  5. Increase your marketing response.
  6. Give your business a professional image.
  7. 1300 numbers are independent of your physical location.
  8. These numbers are transportable (take them with you if you relocate).
  9. Answer at any fixed or mobile phone in Australia.
  10. You don't need any extra phone lines.
  11. Our low priced plans, quick and easy setup place inbound 1300 numbers in easy reach of even the smallest business.

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