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FAQs: All You Need to Know About 1300 Numbers

The following information is design to help you understand the basics of acquiring and operating an Australian 1300 number. From costs and ownership, through to the different types of 13 numbers and business benefits; get the details you need to make the right choice for your business.

What are the different types of 1300 numbers?

There are two types of 1300 numbers, the key differences being memorability and the type of business from which you can acquire a number.

1. Smartnumbers® are 1300 or 13 numbers that spell a word, or contain a pattern of numbers that makes them easy to remember. These numbers are reserved by the Australian government and come with additional rights of use. When you obtain a 13 Smartnumber, you will be required to pay an annual numbering charge to the government of approximately $8,000. The annual numbering charge for a 1300 number starts from as little as $0.80.

You can acquire a Smartnumber via auction through the Smartnumbers website, visit

2. Normal issue 1300 numbers, can be ordered through a telecommunications company such as Alltel. While normal issue numbers may not be as memorable as Smartnumbers, there are many good numbers still available.

What is the difference between a 1300 number and a 13 number?

There are two main differences between a 1300 and 13 number.

  1. Length: 1300 numbers have six trailing digits (i.e., 1300 ## ## ##); 13 numbers have four (i.e., 13 ## ##).
  2. Cost: 13 number owners incur an additional $8,000 numbering charge. This is an annual fee imposed by the Australian government.
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What are the differences between 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers?

The main difference between a 1300 number and 1800 number is the cost to call from a fixed landline.

  • 1300 numbers are known as "local call" numbers and can be dialed from any fixed landline for the cost of a local call. Callers and the business share the cost of the call.
  • 1800 numbers, also known as "free call" or "toll free" numbers and can be dialled from any fixed landline at no cost.

Find out the five key differences between 1300 numbers and 1800 numbers.Top of Page

How many numbers are there to choose from?

At any one time, there are approximately four thousand 1300 numbers in the ACMA "pool". This includes numbers that were cancelled in the past and new-release numbers.

Each month, Alltel hand-picks 1300 numbers from the "pool" and makes these available for purchase by our customers. You can obtain a 1300 number online or by phone from our Business Consultants, call 1300 255 835.Top of Page

Will I own my number?

All 1300 numbers remain the property of the Australian government. Instead of ‘ownership’, you gain access to the ‘right’ to use your 1300 number in a specific area or region.

The type of rights accessed vary based on the whether you acquire a normal issue 1300 number through a company like Alltel, or acquire/lease a Smartnumber through ACMA.

As an Alltel customer, you retain the right to use your number wherever you choose as long as you maintain payments on your account and keep your 1300 number attached to an Answer Point. You can even transfer your number to another carrier if you wish.

Our Standard Form of Agreement contains the General and Full Terms of Service that apply to Alltel Accountholders.Top of Page

Can I lease a 1300 Smartnumber through Alltel?

Alltel does not provide a 1300 Smartnumber leasing option. Our expertise lies in helping businesses acquire their preferred normal issue 1300 number if it’s available. We also guarantee that you will have full control over the use and marketing of the number.

You should be aware that leasing a Smartnumber may come with strings attached, including where you can market your number. When you acquire a normal issue 1300 number through Alltel, you retain the right to promote your number wherever you choose, as long as your account is up-to-date and connected to an Answer Point.

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What is a shared number?

1300 numbers can be shared when they’re acquired under a leasing agreement. This practice is commonly undertaken by Phoneword companies and businesses that obtain Smartnumbers from ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority).

‘Sharing’ involves the exclusive right to use a 1300 number in a specific geographic area (e.g., postcode or telephone exchange catchment). The 1300 number can be diverted (also known as routed) to multiple destination numbers based on geographic availability.

This enables the Phoneword provider to lease the same number to different businesses in each state or other smaller, localised regions.

For example if 1300 255 835 was a shared number:

  • NSW callers could be diverted to a Sydney business
  • Victorian could be diverted to a Melbourne business

Note: When you acquire a 1300 number through Alltel, you have exclusive rights to use the number in whatever areas you choose to do business.

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How easy is it to acquire a 1300 number?

Obtaining a 1300 number is easy. Simply apply for a number online or contact our Business Consultants on 1300 255 835, and they’ll process your order over the phone. Our consultants can advise you on call plans, routing options, pricing, and add-on services (if needed). New numbers are normally activated in around one business day. Top of Page

What are the business benefits of a 1300 number?

There are several important benefits of using 1300 numbers for your business.

For many businesses, the main reason for acquiring a 1300 number is the potential to increase advertising campaign response rates and the size of their trading catchment. Studies show that Australian consumers prefer lower cost, "local call" 1300 numbers over normal numbers or mobile phone numbers, and are more likely to respond to your advertising even if your business is outside of their catchment area.

Other benefits of 1300 numbers include:

  • Portability: If you relocate you can take your number with you. You can change the Answer Point by sending us an email.

  • Present the image of a bigger, successful company: 1300 numbers create a larger, more significant corporate image, even for the smallest home-based business.

  • Wider market reach: A normal number is okay if your business operates in a well-defined, local market. But if you want to extend your marketing efforts outside of your normal area, a 1300 number is a great tool for your business.

  • Scalable: Start with a low call volume plan and for no charge, you can upgrade as your call volumes increase. This means as your business grows and your call volumes and usage increase, you can switch (at no cost) to a plan that will keep your costs to a minimum.

  • Ease of use: 1300 numbers are extremely easy to use and easy to set up. They also provide you with great control and allow you to make changes quickly. This type of flexibility is important, especially for small businesses.

  • Report and track: These numbers also provide additional caller information including the caller’s number (providing the caller's ID information is not blocked) as well as additional tracking and measurement capabilities.

Read about the full range of benefits of a 1300 number.Top of Page

Can I keep my number if I relocate?

1300 numbers are portable meaning the number on which your calls are answered (i.e., your Answer Points) can be changed at any time. If your goal is to expand your business by targeting a wider geographic area, you should acquire a 1300 number that affords you the right of use in whatever areas you choose to do business, and avoid Smartnumber leasing arrangements that may limit your geographic presence.

You can change your Answer Point anytime, phone our Business Consultants on 1300 255 835 or send us an email. Top of Page

What are the different types of 1300 number suppliers?

There are two types of companies that supply 1300 numbers:

  1. Phoneword number owners, and
  2. Full service telecommunications companies like Alltel.

Phoneword number owners usually have a stock of specific numbers, which they have purchased at auction from ACMA. Businesses gain access to these numbers via a lease or share arrangement.

Alltel is a "full service" telecommunications company. In addition to telecommunications services such as local and long distance phone services, we offer services such as Live Answering, Voice2Email, Fax2Email, and Call Forwarded (IVR) Menus. When combined, these additional services become known as Virtual Office Services. Top of Page

Are there differences in quality between telecommunications companies?

Ever since the telecommunications industry was deregulated in Australia, phone services have become a commodity. Although a few major Australian carriers now have their own "partial" networks, all telecommunications companies use parts of the same fiber optic and cable network backbone to transport their calls and data. While some telecommunications companies claim that their service provides higher call quality, there is actually very little difference between the carriers.

The main difference between telecommunications companies is the level of customer service. At Alltel, we provide all customers with the same high-level of service irrespective of the size of their business. Our customers' happiness is guaranteed!Top of Page

What are the call charges for my business and customers?

The costs incurred by your business and customers will vary based on where the calls are made from, the type of device used to make the call (i.e., landline or mobile phone), and where they are answered. Get more information about 1300 number call charges.
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Need advice?

For customised advice on setting up a 1300 number, contact our Business Consultants on 1300 255 835 or send us an email.

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