Alltel is a specialist carrier of Australian 1300 Numbers

1300 numbers are also known as local call numbers in Australia

1300 Numbers are "virtual" numbers that provide many benefits and can be configured to meet your business needs.

  • Ring different landline or mobile phone numbers depending on the time of day, location of your caller, and how busy you are.

  • 1300 numbers aren't tied to specific landline or mobile phones, so you can move them with you as your business grows. No need to every change your business phone number!

  • Built-in reporting gives you a powerful tool for measuring your marketing campaigns.

1300 numbers are ideal for Australian businesses wanting to improve their marketing response locally, or at a State or National level.

They help to make your business look more professional, and can encourage customers to call: a 1300 number costs the price of a local call when dialled from any landline in Australia.

We have 1300 number plans starting from $14 per month.

What your callers pay

The 1300 number caller pays a normal local call fee from any fixed line phone anywhere in Australia. Note that callers using mobile phones will pay a rate determined by their mobile service provider.

If you'd prefer to provide customers with a free-call facility, then a 1800 number is ideal. Get more information about the difference between 1300 and 1800 numbers.

Get free talk-time on selected call plans

The 1300 number account holder gets the first minutes FREE for calls originating from a local fixed line phone and terminating on your fixed landline. After the FREE talk time minutes, our low call rates apply. Free minutes vary depending on plans, with our most popular 1300 number plan providing 30 free minutes.

That makes 1300 numbers particularly good option for businesses that receive the majority of their calls from "local" callers.

No phone lines required

1300 numbers don't include a physical phone line. They are highly configurable redirection numbers and can be setup so they can be answered at any of the following:

  • your nominated office number, mobile phone, home-office or VoIP phone number

  • multiple locations based on the caller's location (e.g. State-based routing)

  • a Live Answering receptionist who greets your 1300 number caller in your own business name and forwards messages to you via SMS and email

  • at multiple locations according to our integrated IVR menu system and forwarded to your staff members, departments or extensions

  • Voice2Email or Fax2Email

With our 1300 number low monthly plans and cheap call rates, having 1300 numbers for your business is probably A lot cheaper than you think.

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The Benefits of Having 1300 Numbers for your Business

Presents a Professional Image

A 1300 Number gives potential customers the impression that it belongs to a large, established, national business. These numbers enhance the credibility and professional image of your business.

Demonstrates your Focus on Customer Service

1300 numbers can make it free or cheaper for customers to call you nationwide. This demonstrates that you care about your customers and invites them to call you economically. Having a 1300 Number can also give you the edge over your competitors who may only advertise a local or mobile phone number.

Makes Relocating Easy

Most businesses need to relocate at various times, for example as the business grows and needs more space. With a normal phone number, this can be very inconvenient and costly: changing phone numbers, redirecting old numbers, reprinting marketing materials, losing contact with customers, etc. If you have a 1300 number they stay the same when you need to relocate.

Easy to Remember

Normal landline and mobile phone numbers are 10 digits long and are not always easy to remember. 1300 numbers have only 6 digits that callers need to remember. We also have low-priced premium numbers that are even more memorable.

Reduces "locality" prejudice

Some callers will only call businesses where they recognise the phone number as being in their own suburb, area or state. This often limits a business's ability to expand outside its own area. 1300 numbers are non-geographic and if you choose to promote your business outside your local area, they can increase the potential to receive calls (and business) from a much larger catchment area.

One Single, National Number for Businesses of any Size

Whether your are a small, owner-operated local business or a large national corporation, 1300 numbers provide a nationwide, single point of contact and offer flexibility for future growth and stability and continuity of your contact information.

Tracking and Analysis of your Marketing and Advertising

Our online customer portal allows you to see each caller's phone number details and the time and duration of each call. This can help you to analyse response to your marketing: who's calling you and in the case of landline callers, where they're calling from. Multiple 1300 numbers can be used economically to test the effectiveness of various advertising campaigns.

Increases Response to Marketing and Advertising

If you make it easier and cheaper for customers to call you, then it is logical that you should receive more calls to your 1300 number.


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Customer Comments

"3 years down the track we are still using Alltel as their service is top notch and we have never had a down time." – Ryan Mollaun - Rox Tan Australia

"Not only is their 1300 service faultless, their price is also pleasantly, and surprisingly competitive (and we did our research with their competitors)!" – Peter Munnik - ICML Pty Ltd

"In the first week of changing over to a 1300 number we received 40% more calls. We found the 1300 number helps us to come across as being a big business." – Nicholas O’Sullivan - Townsville Computer Man

"A quick phone call is all it took, a few days later we had our 1300 number linked into our existing telephone lines and it’s been smooth sailing ever since." – Lloyd Hughes - Leura Doggie Store for VIPs

"Utilizing an Alltel 1300 number gives us an edge over the competition who rely on local numbers and area codes, minimizing their ability to reach out Australia-wide." –Stephen Freer - Down Under Investigations

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